Letter to Santa ( From a Xmas cynic)

Santa : bring me presents, bring me all I want

Bring me gifts of food and drink and other things as well

Bring me love and a tender heart to beat in time with mine

Bring me warmth with a human touch

Need is not a crime


I don’t suppose you can change my life

But at least you can change my day

And a thing that’d really cheer me up

Is a ride on your Christmas sleigh


So Santa bring me presents, bring me all I want

I’m feeling kind of lazy, and not particularly well

Send someone to look after me, if they can spare the time

Bring me a girl with a warming touch

A girl who likes red wine


I don’t suppose she’ll change my life

But at least she’ll change my day

And together we can drink our wine

While Winter fades away



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tony sheridan

Sun 16th Dec 2012 18:40

Love this. A ride on his sleigh? After all those drinks of sherry we all leave out for him? Take care,Tony.

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