All his things are here (updated version)


All his things are around here, in the wardrobe and in the drawers

The man himself has gone

But all his things are here


Don’t put your things in that drawer, that’s drawer’s already in use

But it’s full of the things of a dead man

And he’s no longer here.


It’s cold out tonight, so very cold, so why don’t you use this scarf?

It’s the scarf of a dead man, a man who’s passed away

He’s hardly going to need it as he’s no longer here.


Don’t use that glass, there’s a man who used to use it

He drank red wine till he passed away

So now he'll never use it again.


All his things are around here, in the cupboards and on the shelves

In the garage there are jars and jars of screws,

Just waiting to be used.


Perhaps its time to clear his old things out, they’ll never be used again

Death means going away

And never coming back again . .









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tony sheridan

Wed 17th Oct 2012 15:43

I like this. Well done. Take care, Tony.

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Steve Higgins

Wed 20th Jun 2012 20:44

Thsnks for the comments laura and steve. I usually work on things before posting them but I wrote this and posted it straight away. Its a first draft really and it does need tightening up, thanks Laura.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 20th Jun 2012 11:49

I enjoyed most of this but felt it lost its way a little on the last verse - seems to focus on drinking, could maybe be tightened up?

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