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The Closing Of The Red Sea


I saw the blood run down the walls

Within the children's tears

I heard the parliamentary halls

Resound with warring cheers


I felt the shock of bomb & gun 

Within gasps of anticipation 

I saw their prey run & run

From nation killing nation 


I drew my scythe & licked my lips

A hefty load to swallow 

I told the ferryman, he needed ships

For, they will b...

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A Genesis?


The world keeps shouting 

whilst, the quiet

sit in despair, witnessing 

the mould & rot spread

Trying not to Inhale 

greedy spores that rot hope

Exhaling a desperate,  empty foreboding 

‘Times they are a-changin’’

Echoes from an old radio somewhere 

A white flag drifts past, stained red

We rub our eyes

But, there's fire in the sky

And death all around. 

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In the rubble, he found an arm

It was very small, it wore a charm

An olive tree, on a silver chain

His little girl had one the same

But, that was attached to the whole of her?

Perhaps, the tears made his vision blur

He gently kissed it, laying it down 

And, began again to search around.

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The Song of Songs

It’s with a heavy heart that I make this post, overwhelmed as I am, with emotions ranging from despair to incandescent rage about the tragic events in Israel and Palestine. I can’t find any helpful words to describe how I feel, so I’ll leave you with this.

It’s a beautiful love poem/song which I think is sung here in Hebrew, with what I think is possibly music of Arabic influence?

The sourc...

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Death is









From the skies


     L  lies  lifeless

     O on

 E V ery

Str E et


Death is








From the sky


Bodies mount up

1.500 here…

1.500 there…






                                  Lies in ruins…


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Labour Made Unelectable-How? With Help From A Foul-Mouthed Slanderer.

As part of a long-running smear campaign against the elected leadership of the Labour Party, Dame Margaret Hodge accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being a 'fucking antisemite and racist'. For this she received a mild rebuke by letter from Labour's Disciplinary Committee. Hodge compared this harrowing experience to that of being a Jew in the 1930s. Norman Finkel...

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An Englishman in Israel

An Englishman in Israel

Jewels in the sand.

From a giant cushion of cloud I descend,

into evening sun-setting on the Middle East.

Blue into grey, into orange, into white

and finally falling back into blue.

Ground comes up to greet us as we seem to pass through tall bushy trees, …

… into what?

Had someone thrown jewels on a desert floor? Some gold, some silver, and some whit...

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Blessed with Worldly Poverty

Can you imagine waking up every morning to slave for a wicked house?

Im at the lowest part of my life in this world,

But the highest point in my life with God.

Im poor

Yet rich.

Im oppressed

Yet free.

I am a slave

Yet I am proud to slave for the Most High.

I cant complain even though I dont have much.

I thank God for what I have.

I have not in this world,

But I ...

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ChristGodMessiah12 TribesIsraelElect



His Mother makes them both a snack

Jamal, he sits out in the back

Upon an empty old rice sack

Flip-flops and bottle tops


In Gaza, fun for girls and boys

Are simple things that make no noise

For Jamal they're his favourite toys

Flip-flops and bottle tops


He plays outside in rubble dust

His Mother smiles and is not fussed

It's safer there but only just


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deathGaza StripIsraelPalestinetoyswar

let us pretend

Let us pretend 

that we haven’t been this way before

too recently and too often

that this is the way forward

that it is the road to the peace

which eluded you when you sent 

planes and tanks and men 

into Lebanon, Ramallah, Jenin,

Gaza, Gaza, Gaza.


Let us pretend

that this time will be different 

that this time will be worth it

that you can tot up the lives...

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He used to write to her, do his penpal letters in his spare time. Nothing special, you understand, it’s good to be friends and have fun.

Over a year’s worth of letters sent both ways, something young people do. Talking about music and films and their lives.

Out of the blue they came and took him from his homeland, to her land, but he wasn’t destined to meet her...

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stolenwarlovepenpalsisraellebanon2006 war

Just Because They Once Were Victims


This is not an anti-semetic poem, or anti - Israeli poem.

This is a protest poem, in protest at the violation of human rights in attacking ships laden with aid and medical supplies bound for Gaza.

Israel has the right to exist... fact.

So does Palestine... fact.

Israel cannot starve out the ...

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