let us pretend

Let us pretend 

that we haven’t been this way before

too recently and too often

that this is the way forward

that it is the road to the peace

which eluded you when you sent 

planes and tanks and men 

into Lebanon, Ramallah, Jenin,

Gaza, Gaza, Gaza.


Let us pretend

that this time will be different 

that this time will be worth it

that you can tot up the lives 

of dead children and collateral families 

and declare victory

that security can be measured

in flattened houses

burials and tears.


And let us pretend 

that when you build settlements and walls

and criss-cross the country with roads 

and stitch it with checkpoints

and cut down olive groves

and throw people from their homes

let us pretend then 

that the only terrorism in town

is the anger of young men

who build rockets they can barely aim

who have no hope,

who see their homeland dismembered before them.


Let us pretend

that this tit for tat

this tit for bloody tat

is the only way 

is the legacy you will leave 

your children and your children’s children

their children and their children’s children


Let us pretend there can be no hope

that milk and honey cannot be shared

that Israeli and Palestinian can never 

live together, laugh together, love together

two flags flutter together

let us press our face to the cross-hairs

and close our eyes

and stop up our ears

and still our beating hearts

and let us pretend, Bibi,


let us pretend.




© Steve Pottinger 


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<Deleted User> (9882)

Tue 15th Jul 2014 22:54

I'm more than sure that a certain six million will be rolling in their graves-how easily and quickly is the past forgotten.

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 15th Jul 2014 22:41

A heartfelt poem.
I was a soldier in Egypt when we were getting out of what was then Palestine. I fear that the next - drag everyone in - world war
will start there.

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