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His Mother makes them both a snack

Jamal, he sits out in the back

Upon an empty old rice sack

Flip-flops and bottle tops


In Gaza, fun for girls and boys

Are simple things that make no noise

For Jamal they're his favourite toys

Flip-flops and bottle tops


He plays outside in rubble dust

His Mother smiles and is not fussed

It's safer there but only just

Flip-flops and bottle tops


Then "Allah Akbar" is the cry

As rockets scream up to the sky

In the hope that some Israelis die

Flip-flops and bottle tops


Their deadly ordnance goes north-­east

In the hope to slay their Zion beast

As far as Ashdod then at least

Flip-flops and bottle tops


Jamal's heard rockets time on time

And the stories of Israel's crime

When they stole his birthright Palestine

Flip-flops and bottle tops


The flip-flops are his battle tanks

The bottle tops his other ranks

He pretends they've reached the Jordan's banks

Flip-flops and bottle tops


Ten minutes pass through childlike eyes

They change to fear, then to surprise

What is that noise back from the skies?

Flip-flops and bottle tops


The once still wind begins to rush

And from the sky a roaring whoosh

A flash, a bang, inferno, crush

Flip-flops and bottle tops


So in that Gaza neighbourhood

One less building where it stood

In the rubble, broken bone and blood

Flip-flops and bottle tops


(c) Daniel Dwyran

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Shirley-Anne Kennedy

Sun 24th Aug 2014 18:32

Great repetition. "Flip-flops and bottle tops" - brilliant!

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Ged the Poet

Tue 22nd Jul 2014 20:22

I sincerely thank you all for your appraisals, comments (and messages) about 'Flip-flops and Bottle Tops'. I found it very hard to write and capture a snapshot of those horrific ongoing events. Much appreciated.

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David Cooke

Tue 22nd Jul 2014 20:08

Very powerful.

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James Roper

Sun 20th Jul 2014 09:43

It is hard to force oneself to think about what is happening in the world today, let alone to acknowledge it with such creative beauty and delicate sadness. I enjoyed this very much.

Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Fri 18th Jul 2014 23:08

Hi Daniel

a beautifully written summary of an on going
tragedy. There will never be peace in the world
while it's ruled by people obsessed with the importance of boundaries.

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Martin Elder

Fri 18th Jul 2014 18:57

This is a cracker Daniel, the way it flows. I particularly like the stanza that starts with 'the flip flops are his battle tanks'

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 18th Jul 2014 18:11

an outstanding and clarifying use of
an almost nursery jog-along rhyme scheme with an
ordinary but ominous stanza-end repeat to (fairly) describe a tragic situation.

That penultimate stanza is a corker.

First class stuff.

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