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Sunday, Speakers Corner

Millennium bug
bunker dug


mad cow disease
avian flu
rat fleas


swine fever
same gear
oh dear

scary nanny state
sounds like
toilet cleaner
popping in later
flu, flush, symptoms do
chin chin cheroo
wonderful idea
ring o roses
Jordans and Peter
full of poses

-anyone can die.

you feel ill,

he says we are all gonna die

Sunday April 2009
speakers corner.

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When mine ears spring the

fine hairs I searched for in nether

regions as a boy,

When the gait is haunched and

double clowned and clothes

be further torn,

when murder becomes

the complacency you feared when

twenty four, and boredom

rocks the soil,

will you say;

in times when drugs are neither

here nor there, and alcohol,

no longer restrains the pain


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Also by Noetic-fret!:

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    There is a place on the moors, where the track crosses the beck and where, more often than not, this crossing is a dry bed of stones. This is because, just upstream, Beldon Beck goes underground. Where it had been travelling across the moor, gurgling and trickling, tumbling and sometimes silently caressing the water - worn stones and pebbles, it suddenly makes its descent. There i...

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Also by Deborah Jordan Bailey:

Springtide |

With Dylan on the Moor

I walk the past in chapters.
With the who, where and when’s.
Knowledge of my future.
It's the riddle in the wounds.


On this bleached, ruinous moor.
Shril wind, sadness, secrets.
A sizzling cigarette and tears,
underscore this melody mine.


A little laugh.
The absurdist situations.
How did I travel?
To here from thereabouts.


In April’s wake,
It’s been a simple twist of fate.
To find god and goodn...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Animals |

Popular fiction, prizewinning poetry

I've just finished Christopher Brookmyre's most recent production, A Snowball in Hell. It's pretty entertaining, but I suspect he's gone off the boil a bit since the halcyon days of One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night and A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away. There are several rather neat bits with magic tricks in unlikely situations, & a very unpleasant villain gets his comeuppance in fine style; al...

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Events which should not be missed

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Only 134 people have so far indicated that they will not be coming to Wirral Words Open Floor Evening at the Scouse House tomorrow.

That means that there will be approximately 6.15 billion people present. We have seating for about 45 so it may be wise to arrive early.

See you around 7.30

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Also by Malpoet:

Open Floor Poetry Evening | In Praise Of The Glorious House Of Saud |

Beg her (for baby P.)



BEG HER         (for Baby P.) January 2009


Hurrying on a grey street ,under a grey sky,

for convenience ,for time’s sake, to catch a train,

Through the back gate of a chapel I passed ,

And before the door of that cult’s emporium

at the hour of morning mass, I met a child ,

A beggar, No more than six years old, jigging

where she stood ,for her dress,   green white –polka ...

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To bed, For Life

Today we lay a child to rest,

Daddy cries in Sunday best,

Through mama’s veil they cannot see,

The tears she cries to set her free.


Granny clutches Grandpas arm,

As through the graveyard eerie calm

Rides the wind into the crowd,

The vicars voice unnaturally loud.


“We celebrate a life so short,

And for her heart we spare a thought,

A loving family c...

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Also by KtD:

If... | Assez |

A warrior’s poem



My anger bleeds my innocence away

Until all I am left with is the silence like after a question

In my mind I carry the suggestion

That I might be better off laughing my anger away

But I feel better being angry and seeing

My anger like the blood red flag it seems to be

Seemingly I wave it around trying to attract the bull and take it by the horns

Like my life si...

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Also by Daniel Hooks:

Human shield | paint it black |

The simplest way to say i love u....Dedicated to emily.

Darling...., you fill me with hope for tomorrow, so in the simplest way and form, i will tell you i love u, star....., people these days, use that phrase so freely, but i know when you say it, you mean it dearly, soul mate...., you transmit your message clearly, in times of fear, your the one with the bravery to stand near me, love of my life...., not to sound cliche, the better day...

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  In your presence, As though enriched in rays of golden sunshine, My Soul bathed in the beauty of your smile, Though, I die with each rejection, I crave your softness, as I drown in a sea of loneliness. (C)Copyright Paul Letch 2007 alias: Murky Pool publishing Ltd

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The thought of you hurting

Endless hours awake as the night slowly crawls

my head full of the time that we spent

were you really that happy? was the smile really there?

my thoughts warp and get twisted and bent.


Do you have nights like this when i'm on your mind?

i'd like to think that your having one now

or am I never present or imaginary there

I think not so stand up take your bow.


My twisted solution of sle...

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Also by Tony:

FRAGILE | The Way To Me | White |

The Children are Sleeping

I am so very, very awake
Sleeping in so late
Was a colossal mistake.
So I ponder to myself
Is everyone else awake?
Is everyone else awake like me?

Of course - the children are sleeping.
So many of them
Are tucked up in bed
Pillows caressing their small, weary heads
As they dream of seamless worlds
That make sense only to them
Circuses accumulating their favourite things
Brought to life, and animated especiall...

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Also by Sophie Hall:

Binge on whinge |

Country file

Angola, Austria, Azerbaijan,

Brazil, Bangladesh and Bulgaria,

Chile, China, Deutschland and Dagestan,

England, Ecuador, Ethiopia.

France, Greenland, Haiti and Indonesia,

Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lapland,

Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua,

Oman, Pakistan, Poland and Queensland.

Russia, Spain, Sierra Leone, Scotland,

Sudan, Sweden, Turkey, Turkmenistan,

Tajikistan, Thailand, Tanzania,

USA, Vie...

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The Mean

The Mean


Keep your cruelty in a box

Take it out an pass it round

Like a parcel no-one wants

A bauble that hides a blade

Gilded with septic intent

Where wound gives birth to wound

And every word you say

Smears its shitty hate

Purposefully contaminates

Because you’ve got to have your way

Dominate what you survey

Occupy the higher ground

But the Moon has stuck around

And the tide is ...

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Red rose in his hand,

"Sorry" slips from his lips,

my eyes match the bloom-

I am undone.

His look of contrite longing

scenting a path to my heart,

sweetness dripping

in time with my tears.

All I see are thorns

hooking my skin

and another empty promise

in a vase.

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Also by sian howell:

Gone to Earth | Lily |



When I stayed in Rhossili ten years ago

I walked from St Mary's Church

down limestone cliffs to the Goat's Hole

where the Reverend William Buckland unearthed

the red ochre dyed skeleton of a Roman Lady

(who he thought must have been a prostitute)

left in limestone cave of the Goat's Hole

and who now can't possibly be with God.

A few years ago he appeared in my dreams

carrying a mammo...

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Also by Rodney Wood:


'White Lines & Cats Eyes'

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Time to make tracks, a credit card or a blade will do.

Rolling up the queen, or a dollar bill to snot through.

To take me to places that I may, or may not have been before.

Levitating 'fish finger trees' and Santa Claus with the head of a boar.

Mixed minds and sirens screaming out munchie’ time.

Choosing package holidays on teletext, which I will never take.


Destroying the tranquill...

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Who are you ?

Who are you?


I would love to know,

Hiding from the world

Amongst the most beautiful textures,

 Soft dark strong wool,

Sink into the woven womb of your arms.

 Rest my face against the crisp cotton heartbeat of your existence. 

Beneath the fabric of your life,

 I search for you

I strip you naked, listen carefully to your words,

You twist away from me

And  leave me lost ,





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Bear Down Arizona

A man walks to a train
He’s big
On his back is a capital A
It’s blue, red and white
My boyfriend says it reminds him of home
And that’s Arizona
I walk close to the big man
I’m probably being a little strange
But I want to see his face
He is big, but friendly
On the front of his shirt it says: ‘Bear down’
We board the train
I sit next to my boyfriend
And we sing Bear Down Arizona
He’s taught it to me
It’s a lovel...

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Breathless at the Butcher's . . . or . . . The Sins of the Flesh.

Breathless at the Butcher’s … or … The sins of the flesh.


Each Saturday the high street is a canyon of temptation

As the public stare at the proffered wares with awe and approbation.

You can bare your soles at the cobbler’s shop but the chemist’s best for rumours

And dozens queue for a loaf or two when they sniff the baker’s bloomers.


The fishmonger has mussels, the bookshop man’s quite...

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Also by Anthony Emmerson:

moving on | IDOL |


haiga with romaji and Japanese translation

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almost lost
in the shimmer of water
several ducklings

Mi-zu-ha-e-te Hi-ka-ri-ni-ka-su-mu Ko-ga-mo-ka-na

"Alan-san's haiku came to me with the Japanese translation. This is a good translation, written in the perfect haiku format 5-7-5. Mi-zu-ha-e-te Hi-ka-ri-ni-ka-su-mu Ko-ga-mo-ka-na"
Kuniharu Shimizu, Nara, Japan

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Also by Alan Summers:

Christmas haiku | haiku plus French translation | haiku with romaji translation | voicemail and limes |

Lip-sync, lip-sunk

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My lips and voice-box had a fall out,

last Tuesday week,

on route to a verbal deliverance.

Sounds plucked on vocal cords,

swerved, uncontrollably,

like lemmings on space-hoppers

down flooded ‘Cavity Canyons’.

Some crashed into remains of ‘Road Kill’,

festering between chewing sites

filled in by a fusion of silver and decay.

The lemmings that made it,

cascaded down ‘Phlegm Falls’


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Also by Phil Golding:

The Grip of ‘Midnight’s’ Glove |


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I love you

I love baked beans

I love you

I love baked beans


When I’m in bed with you

My limbs are fins

What does the sun sound like?

What does the sun sound like?


Have you ever been caught making

Love on the floor of yr soul


Sometimes I love you

Sometimes I wanna kill you

Sometimes you make me feel like a cloud scraper

Sometimes it’s...

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Dead Eyes

Children’s faces stare

Blank and calm

Children’s small hands

Raise Kalashnikovs

Children's thin fingers 

Squeeze their triggers

Flying hot metal

Rips flesh

Breaks bones

Gunfire drowns out the screaming

Hatred drowns out the screaming

Closed minds drown out the screaming

Death drowns out the screaming

Smoke curls and drifts

Dust and ash settle

Dead eyes stare

The dead eyes ask


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Her Eyes Are Wild

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warmer than summer
underneath the haystack
the English tongue

she drinks beer
from the supermarket
in the town square
feeding potato-chips
to pigeons and sparrows

how far I've travelled to find
one need replaces another

her dog growls
at midnight revellers
coming too close
as she sleeps soundly
in the shoe-shop doorway

the night in my hair
turns black
burning stars


'Her Eyes Are Wild' is a colla...

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Look for the Light

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 I read your poem, a tear past my eye,

The heartfelt words, I cannot deny.

A cry for help, for someone to hear,

Look for the light and take my hand.

Many things have happened in your life,

Some of them happy, some filled with strife.

But when the clouds of the past obscure the sun,

Look for the light and take my hand.

During the day your weary and tire,

Lots of sleep you always req...

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untitled tube poem

i become a droplet of water

as i meander to and fro in this stream of human flesh

leaking into the subterraneous chasms that are the underground


each person is submerged with me; morphing into a bitter wave of water on the silver escalators

smashing against the next level of the intricate architecture


colourful scabs of advertising and neon promises of a 'way out' f...

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For those about to Kapow...

Sometimes, there are those days where nothing quite goes right, your timing goes awry, people let you down or perhaps you just disappoint yourself with your efforts. And just occasionally, crazy ideas work out just fine, everything's ready on time, people exceed expectations with their generosity and talent, and you kick yourself for ever doubting it all.

But I've now seen artists building a gard...

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Also by Danni Antagonist:

Poetry-related events unfold in Milton Keynes |


Old biddies

get on my tits!

They clutter up

the buses in the

morning with their

crocodile handbags,

shopping trolleys

and walking sticks

with their snow white

brillo pad rinses,

(purple being

out of fashion)

and the stench

of cheap perfume.

The bus like

a geriatric ambulance

on a mercy mission

for pensions, bananas,

digestive biscuits,

bum paper and

talcum powder!

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Also by alan holdsworth:


The poverty of the light touch

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I will not chew the idle fat,
yet nor will I sink my teeth much
into the more substantial,
the more circumstantial joint.
I will not overt a point of view without sufficient vetting.
I will not break the trust of a confidant.
I will not seal the fate,
with a decisive statement,
of a verbal criminal.
Nothing playful, witty or derisive,
nothing just or in jest shall pass my lips unless it must.
I will utter ne...

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Joker Performance

Hi WriteOutLouders,

Here is the video upload of my Joker performance at ADLIB in March.  It's kind of dark and creepy but I hope you like it.



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Richmond Menthol, Alize, Bassline
DJ, VIP, favourite passtime
Porsha, French tips, Vodka & Lime
Lollypops, lemon drops, sweet sunshine
Silk sheets, he greets me with some wine
Carva & Lemonade, look at the time
Gettin' late, taxi waits, corner of 4th and 9th
Grab a pen, "see you again?"  "maybe sometime.."
Rain drop splatters on the pine
Dogs barkin', im still standin' in line
Car parks empty, I'm taking my...

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1st April 2009 - PART 1 (my account of G20)

The bus rumbles its way to my workplace
The typical tedium writ on everyone’s face
Out the window it’s a bright day
The city looks made of lace
Stretched, fragile and ready to break
I know somewhere out there
Are shouts, cries and fists that care
And I sit and stare
As it all vanishes behind me
I convinced myself last night
That because I went on the protest on Saturday
Everything would be alright
And I’d vic...

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Detention (written in high school)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Will this class end?
Time has frozen.
The teacher continues.
Tortured are the chosen.

I'm stuck in this class
to hear the teacher speak
while I'm cold
and feel meek.

Was that the bell,
or a student crack?
I can't take it!
I want reality back.

That's it.
I'm beginning to crack.
I'm leaving
and never coming back.

Glare at me all you want.
I will not stay.

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Challenge not the questions why

Take note and heed them well

Stand back, observe the queried sort

Not befall that which befell

The arrogant, dismissive type

Who mocked all reservation

Cast aside in flippant form

Those seeking explanation

For time would come, would come the time

When he himself was racked

Confused he could not ask for help

To hold his name intact

And so for want a fool was he

A fool he had ...

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Also by Christopher Dawson:

Court out |

that night


Twisted metal carnage gleaming in the moonlight

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Crimson ooze gathers and streams down the tarmac

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Like spent matches lying disfigured and discarded they lie slain

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

Stars twinkle back upon fractured glass

Tick-click, tick-click, tick-click

An orange beacon flicks to and fro filling th...

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There's Another Person Leaving



There’s another person leaving.

We’re less popular than thieving.

So I know what I’m receiving:-

     Another card to sign.


He only started yesterday.

I never met him anyway.

So what the hell am I to say?

     ‘You’re the fastest to resign!’


The comments range from ‘It’s A Shame’

to ‘All the best’ and ‘Call again!’.

But no one seems to know your n...

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March Stats

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Here’s what the stats are telling us happened last month:

24,941 visitors to the site =  1.45 million hits

1,936 log-ins to the site

78 new events put on gig guide

46 events updated on gig guide

20 new poets added their profiles to the Poets' Showcase

309 poets' profiles where updated on the showcase

1,277  ‘comments’ were made

266 Blogs were made


Here’s the latest...

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On a Field Azure

Love is
Time rampant
Time showing
Sharp claws.
All who love
End weeping.
All who love
Have cause.

Joy is
Time volant
Time born on
Strong wings.
In good time
Time sweetens
Time brings.

Peace is
Time couchant
Time laid on
Love’s breast.
All who wish
Peace closer
Try to soothe
Time’s rest.

Life is
Time passant
Time moving
So fast.
All who live
Fear dying.
Yet is life
Soon past.


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