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Shadow's Of The Darkness

entry picture

{Shadow's Of The Darkness} 



The person that is

hearing the dark

shadows calling out

to them while their

voices continue to

ring out inside of our

head's making them

dread the day they

was even born into a

hollowed out fire of

hell that they know

all to well as they

simply cry, laugh

inside until their

intestines falls

straight through their


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Murderous Tears

entry picture

{Murderous Tears}


These murderous tears

follows down my

cheeks wetting my

shirt  as I gently wipe 

them away like the way

the did you by

murdering you in

cold blooded murder

and it left me here

like a child that was

orphaned to survive

in these darkened

cold gangster streets

that the blood stained

asphalt surrounds my feet 


But I cannot...

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Flirting With Death

entry picture

{Flirting With Death} 


All the sleepless

nights and all the



attempts of

flirting with

death and all

the dark fears

that's held

deep down

inside of you

because death

always awaits

you and me

and all the

never ending

thirsting of the

loneliness of

flirting with

death until

my very




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Erotic Naughty Girl Poem

entry picture

{Eroitc Naughty Girl Poem} 



Chain me up and put a collar around my neck and then you command me to sit down on my plumped ass and then you are telling me to follow you and then you are telling me to beg you for harder punishment like a dog and then you are yanking on my chain and then you are telling me to climb up on the bed and then pulling out the leather whip then you spank my ass...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #32 {I Am Holding You}

entry picture

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #32} {I Am Holding You} 



Sweetheart I am

caressing you in 

my strong arms 

as I slowly lay 

you on the bed 

then you giggle

then I slowly turn

your cheek my way 

so I can ? kiss 

your lips `n` to 

taste those lips 

tonight are my 

best burning memories

that I will remember a

life time `n` every day 

for th...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #3 {When You Are Not Happy}

entry picture

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #3} {When You Are Not Happy} 




When everyone

around you is

happy but you

try really hard

to be happy but

happiness will

not come or

step back into

your life no

matter how

hard you try

to make it




`N` some day's

I wish that

I could sleep

an eternal sleep

so no would 

hear a pee...

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Time To Move On

entry picture

{Time To Move On} 



It's time to move

on from everyone 

and everything in

my life 



It has been fun,

crazy, hurtful,

desirable, painful,

filled with more

? heart break

than I am willing

to keep suffering

with you or anyone

else on this planet 


But it was a

pleasure now

it's time to go


{missing in action} 




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hurtlifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpainssad poemsad poetrysadnesstime to move on poemstime to move on poetryTina Gloverwritingwriting stories

Where Does The Time Go To

entry picture

{Where Does The Time Go To}



As I reflect back on my childhood and then as a teenager and now as a adult and time is fastly slipping away on that slippery slope and there's no way to slow it down 



And soon what has been waiting us will catch up with us in the end 



And death is calling out our names of course 


And I have so much to show for my life but ...

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