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Human Writes, A Poem About Protecting Human Rights

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You spit "Nay"


in our "Ayes"


to express


your oppress-


sive nature.




Nothing new-


old tea brewed;


spring cleaning-


first inning.




Soul-less laws




human rights,


to sell slaves.




Bordered walls


paved with blood-


stained bodies,


buried below.


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freedomhuman rightslawswomens rights

I Am Not Free

I am not free

but tense and unwavering


I am not heard

but roused and spoken for


I am not seen

but misguided and reassured 


I am not understood 

but manipulated and suppressed


I am not felt 

but raped and ashamed


I am not yours

but degraded and sold


I am not inanimate 

but painted and wound up


I am not free, how could I ev...

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Breaking the double yoke

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For ages
Saddled with
Domestic chores
Confined in doors
With a traditional muzzle
Devoid of a voice
With fellow housewives
We were sweltering
Under the class
And gender yoke
Seen weak though
We were strong as a rock.

Things taking
A positive turn,
When people about
Women's potential
Came to learn,
Enjoying a level ground
And expertise,
An outshining
Women farmers
We have begun...

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womens rights


‘It’s my skin,’ she said,

But he still shook his head.

Did she not understand

The risk entailed? Once the

Fine pale surface was broken,

There was no going back.

The permanency of a foreign body

Worming its way beneath

Her flesh - this he could not 

Permit. For her own good.


Though he paid no heed

To the multicoloured rings

And patterns that each faded


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domestic abusedomestic violencewomenwomens rights

The Woman Behind the Veil - the great Burqa Debate...

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Here we ask is the media and the cosmetics industry as oppressive to women as the Islamic burqua?

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