Women, girls
Little ladies with bouncy curls
We are brought to Mother earth with names of angels, princesses and fairies
But all too soon, the world we grow in turns unsafe, hideous, and scary
These flowers - as buds they never remain
For before 'tis the time to bloom, they learn to battle with the flames

Every day, every moment, a battle she fights
That little lady, that angel, with all her might
She blames herself for not stopping a touch, a word, an action of the sick hands with which she's surrounded
Her bouncy feet, her princess smile, her spirit - everything wounded

But just as Sita, the goddess, the mother, the almighty
In girls of this world you will find, this deity
For just as she, through fire they walk
Never cowering, never stopping
Through their actions they talk

The road is tough, the times are never easier
But she's no ordinary person, no, she's a warrior
Her will is one you dare shan't break
For her rage and fury, not one can tame
She's a goddess, an angel
She's that fire, never doubt if she's able
She's a woman, a girl, a lady
She's Mother Earth's princess, she's our fairy

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