I am angry.

I am angry at men, and women
and children and mothers and fathers.
my body is full of unbridled rage, that the ones
I love and care about, sometimes even myself,
can turn a blind eye to the atrocities right in front of us.

Children ripped from their mothers
Young people blinded and beaten for speaking the truth
Men spewing bile, cruelty, poison to hide the 
depths of their inhumanity
Women denigrated and penalised for their tenative requests:

"I want to be in charge of my own body"

How do we sit by while a cult of sexual predators 
permeates under the covers of our governments 
so deeply that their admissions are overlooked as 
the disgusting "boys will be boys" narrative?

How do we sleep knowing that every second we fall
deeper into relaxation, a baby child is being tortured 
by a faceless authority figure - or more likely a twisted

How can good people let other good people be 
murdered in their beds for the crime of existing 
in the wrong type of body?

I am angry.

And you should be too.

bigotryBLMchildrens rightscrueltyinjusticejusticeracismsexismwomens rights

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