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My mamma always told me
Don't think so much, do not to fret
She said you should give things time
And time would work, even if not yet
What people say, you cannot change
But remember her words, never forget
"You are the light in the darkness, you are hope
Just smile through it, do not mope."
Words might not change, people say what they say
Kill em with kindness, do as you may.

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be kindkindpoempoetry


Women, girls
Little ladies with bouncy curls
We are brought to Mother earth with names of angels, princesses and fairies
But all too soon, the world we grow in turns unsafe, hideous, and scary
These flowers - as buds they never remain
For before 'tis the time to bloom, they learn to battle with the flames

Every day, every moment, a battle she fights
That little lady, that angel, with all he...

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empowermentpoempoetrywomens rights


In search of love
Do travellers venture dangerous lands

Their hardships conveyed through the tender hands
Which caress and soothe the hearts of lovers left hurt
Which push and help these lovers out of the dirt
And carry them away from the pull of the sand

Their eyes seemingly sharp and bold
For with this courage have they only found it right
To laugh, to learn, to cherish, to fight
Fight ...

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Growing up I didn't know
If I was immature or just a little slow
You see I always had intentions for the best
But I took to heart all these suggestions given by the rest
Suggestions that didn't make all that sense
Which made me think twice on my self-confidence
You see I always had intentions for the best
But maybe I was too naive,
too hung up, too tense.
In my quest to be better, I admit...

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