Speeding on through Somewhereshire

Unfamiliar livery

Adorns familiar trains

Myriad trees, multi-shaped

Silent window frames

Station signs unreadable

A metal phonetic blur

Speeding on through Somewhereshire

On a train to who knows where


TK Maxx and Staples

Retail worship shrines

Ears burst in tunnels

As beneath the soil we dive

Conservatories and patios

Buzzing power lines

Tearing on through Somewhereshire

On a train to another time


And then my sinuses shake me awake in a flurry of dry-mouthed snores

Motion made me drowsy, now I’m back on board

A tube of constant movement – never to be stopped

An ever-changing horizon counting down the clock


Rappers’ tags on bridges

Whirring extractor fans

Overpriced car showrooms

Industry and vans

Giant empty warehouse

Desperate to be sold

Whizzing on through Somewhereshire

On a train to Heaven knows


Terrifying viaducts

Markets miles below

The hi-vis man oblivious

Local trains too slow

Ancient TV aerials

Spotters’ notepads primed

Careering on through Somewhereshire

But trapped inside my mind

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 5th Apr 2014 08:38

Speeding through Somewhereshire on a train to who knows where - love it! some great observations here!

Love the pace of this Marksy & the nice 'bridge' bit in the middle, great poem and sounds like a good rant which is what I like!

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John Coopey

Wed 25th Sep 2013 21:45

Loved the rhythm in this Marksy. I'm sitting in the window seat (facing forward, of course) when I read this.

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Lynn Dye

Wed 25th Sep 2013 15:54

I enjoyed this very much and agree with Solar, a great poem.

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Simon Marks

Wed 25th Sep 2013 11:42

Ah, trains now are so quiet I find there's a lot less of the clackety-clack than before - hence the "silent window frames" line.
Also means you can hear other people's banal conversations too, but that's another rant, another time...
Cheers anyway!

Rose Casserley

Tue 24th Sep 2013 21:55

I couldnt quite get the clackety-clack rhythm,but a great poem nevertheless.x

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