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Vautaw on Flow (2 hours ago)

The Mirror

This rumination came from growing awareness of my mortality which, in turn, is generated and measured by the expanding list of things once given or assumed that, alas, are no longer possible.


The Mirror

How shall I talk to you, my friend?

How should I regard you

(and will I care)

as you grow ever older before my gaze

while I stay young?


Who are you? Dare I look on yo...

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The Peaceful Beach

There's nothing that can beat
Walking along the beach
With the waves hitting your feet
In the scorching heat

Miles of soft, golden sand
I run some through my hand
Waves splashing against the shore
Is a sound that I adore

Feeling the warm breeze
Puts me at such ease
I tilt my head up towards the sun and smile
And close my eyes for a while

This beach is my paradise
Its tranquility...

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The Tranquil Pool

Have you ever gazed into a tranqil pool?

its calm and cool, deviod of the haste and struggle.

a ripple can disturbe its calm and somehow only make it more beautiful.

life above it, below it, around it, in it. and it says ever still.

i chalenge you, find that in your citys and your towns.

weve disturbed that tranquil pool. and lost what we did not know we ever had.

... I want it b...

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