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Three Nocturnes


Three Nocturnes


While poring over dusty corners of an ancient night

I sang in darken'd evening flight, a voice edged

by the pain of doubt, a tempered blade to fight

an inner shout; the fearful dredge

of insomnia, the purgatory of my silent gaze;

remembrance too of sultry Australian dog days.


South-West karris loom ink-black, and rustle

as night-walkers, stepp...

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ancientArcadiandog daysdoubtfightgazepeerrustletranquility

keep well

I love your positivity 

With all this current activity

One day you'll get back to some tranquility 

Until then screw any negativity 

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Friday Street

entry picture

A hamlet carved by nature

hidden in gullied glory,

red banked earth walls climb high, 

veined with living root.


Protective Oaks shade secret places,

down here the land reigns, unchanged.

Hidden gardens overgrow

life cycles listen to seasons.


Half a mile above,

travellers taking champagne breakfasts

three minutes out of Heathrow,

imagine the broken land th...

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