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through a windshield (11-25-2023)


thru all the glue

filn history's glossy cracks

and all the pines

from wane to wax

we were(are, perhaps)

moonrise bent

lain with backs

pressed on tarmac

slid red, long

longer than we thought possible.

dream-licked heads

shattered and spread :

painted lines on painted lines


painted lines

down along this serpentine road.

without a motion between

but pinkies

overlapped in promise

and that lovers' light still caught

in one anothers' eye

a strip of paradise

there belied

strewn. placed by god

cooling in the thrumm

of that quiet

forest road

the kind you learn to walk alone.




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John Bastard

Sat 25th Nov 2023 15:08

this is bad writing
but sometimes it just has to come out.
when I'm awake I'm sure I could make something out of this. but that's not really the point.
there are a lot of times in my life that I'm thinking of right now where I should have followed.
someone leaves the room crying -- I should have followed.
someone disappears into a crowd, into danger -- I should have followed.
these are promises that I'm breaking:
"I will help you, I will protect you, we are friends;
I know you, I see you, I love you."
and ive failed.
ive let fear get between me and what's important.

I don't want to be that person anymore
I want to be real; I want to be me
but it's hard.

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