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Dear Muse

entry picture

Hide away 
if you must. 

I don't understand 
what prompts you 
to surface anyway. 

I will do like I always do,
show up on the page,
stumble through what 
I was put on earth to do,
share my truth.

I know even though you 
fly away again and again 
to do whatever muses do, 

you will come back, 
when I least expect
and light up my soul
with your beautiful words, 
like you alwa...

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On the universe, thinking and string theory.

Walk down the street and stop to notice the 20 other people walking too. Consider, first these thoughts you have, now consider theirs too.

You know they are thinking, thinking of dinner, of work and of sex but you are merely an observer, a cognitive voyeur. You gaze at them through the telescope of your eye, and they just beyond that glass, are out of reach. 

You can never leave your own min...

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humanitythe universethought

It's five to three and my mind won't quiet
A million different thoughts congregated
In a rioted debate
I wait on the clock to stop but the
Tick tick tick is keeping me awake
Time stopping time from stopping.
It's strange, the unconscious brain
Like tapping into the universe
In sleep. 
Body in a slumped heap
I lie awake with these thoughts
Ironically keeping me up
Simultaneously worryin...

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