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Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm


The black clouds gather

Heavy rain drops splat

There is iron on your tongue

The bitter taste of storm

Head thick with thunder

White light splits the sky

The trailing crack rattles windows

A cat cowers beneath a bush

Shivering in its fear

The deluge follows

Straight javelins of rain

You lift your head back

As the heavens empty

Water fi...

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A Taste Of Romance

Sweet at the tip

Then flavour slides

Take another sip

Sour at the sides

Swilling around

Taste starts 

To lack

Now all

That's left

Is bitter

At the


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The power of banana fruits

Everytime I bite you

It spreads a lot of sensational

You shake my tongue

Your shape is sensual

I close my eyes to enjoy you

Your yellow jacket shines through my mind

Your amazing taste slides into my soul

Oh... banana



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