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Deep in the time of eclipse
As birds bed down and dusk creeps up
We see the Suns halo and crown
Reaching out to her children
Light in the darkness

Sunlight scatters from escaping electrons
Bounces off minute dust particles
While stripped atoms glow as crown jewels
Incandescently hot
Ethereal furnace

The act of seeing makes real
The fact of knowing sees beauty
The inner joyousness o...

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Trial & Tribulation

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Trial And Tribulation.


Blackness all around,

the depths of infinity.

They told me not to look.

A sixteen year old girl

told not to do something.


So I looked………


The slow twilight

as the sun began

to be devoured.

The ghostly stillness

of the cosmos

descending upon

Mother Earth, until,

it seemed,

the whole world


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