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Prisoner of war

Prisoner of war

catching a glimps of a memory through the window of the hut
an image of what was the memories of the blood shed of the battles that you won and lost
after the war....

Prisoner of war
standing with your number tattooed upon your flesh
you stand proud, no shame, tears fall
your ability too be, taken away

after the fires have gone out
your memory lives on after the war

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second world war

The carriage in the forest

After three days of arguing the armistice was signed

in the French general’s private train

at a siding in the forest of Compiegne.

The Kaiser left for exile in Holland.

The military, unwilling to admit defeat,

still surrendered guns and planes.


No one told the people how bad things were.

A German corporal, recovering

after being gassed the month before,

a misfit who...

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First world warsecond world war

Brevette Poems (Second Edition)




















I wrote this second edition at the suggestion of M.C. Newberry



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BrevettePoemsecond world war

The Hangman of Prague

In the days of war and Nazi conquest

Deep in the heart of the Third Reich

Was a man so cold and ruthless

That the fuhrer proclaimed had a heart of Iron


Hangman Heydrich ruled a nation

Of several million innocent Czechs

Controlling them with an Iron grip

Signs of resistance spelled their death


Himmlers deputy performed with efficiency

The darker pa...

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genocidesecond world warTyranny

Ward 34


Ward 34
See old Tommy in bed five, limps because his hip’s sore
Its not old age….. Its shrapnel, from fights in the second world war
He’s not as agile as back then and he’s got some hearing loss
But once protected our freedom…….. Won the Victoria Cross.
Now resigned to his bed, to be fed cared and watered
But once stormed Normandy beaches, watched...

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ageherohospitalsecond world warveteranwar hero

Rooftops (for Bruno Cordati)

The worst of the front was that trickle of rain

down the neck. Wet through, it felt like liberation.

And lice. Home on leave, people shunned him in trains.


Walled, hilltop village of his childhood:

as another war came, he returned to Barga.

Saw himself as immobile, a tree spreading roots.


When the Germans briefly retook his village

one self-portrait was damaged. The ...

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ItalyPaintingsecond world war

A letter from the 20th century


On the 22nd of June in 1941

The Great Patriotic War in my Motherland had begun.

It was Sunday early morning,

the country peacefully slept,

but a horrible idea Hitler had kept.

Without announcing the war he had given order

to bomb the Soviet Republics border.

Hitler planned to capture the country

by unexpected military actions.

He was sure to occupy the ...

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second world war

The Victory Day


  The 8th -9th of May – the Greatest Day,

the Saint Holiday – the Victory Day.

A holiday with glee and spree,

a holiday with tears that appear

remembering those soldiers,

the heroes of the Second World War.

Those hardcore days

we don’t want to face anymore.

That was the largest war

in the history of mankind,

I don’t want you to be blind

but to ...

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second world war

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