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The Missing Piece

I look for something that can't be found.

Though I search all night and day.

The memories of pain left a hole once more.

For my eyes are swollen as I cry.

That my heart was left sore.

For my answers will be found in the land that I am bound.

I am missing a piece of my heart.

And how I long for that piece.

I have a heartfelt need for that piece that can't be found.


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sad love


Fire cracks through the wind, is this what I am here for?

This fire is my soul and it seems to be dying so slowly.

Griping my very own seat of a rollercoaster hoping this ride could come to a calm.

This unsteadily feeling that I keep getting whenever I get close to you.

Its so dangerous for my heart.

Even though I feel like fighting for my broken soul..

It keeps being dragged awa...

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sad love

Chapter 3: The Beginning of The End

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I really think you should cherish our time 
Before all the clocks finally hit midnight 
Can't you see I'm still holding your hand 
I wanna let go but I'm too scared to move.

Our future seems eerily blurry 
A ghostly fog leading to the unknown 
Raging thunderstorms covering the sky 
Dozens of raindrops over our heads. 

It's summer but everything is cold 
I can't see you in the darkness

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Old Flame


Though irretrievably
We had missed the boat
And in the meantime comfort
From many a consort
I did sought,
Still your substitute
I haven't got
From the lot
Fate's wind
On its sway has brought.

Yesterday's old flame
Has conveyed to me
The same!

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love of my lifememorysad love

The Gate

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By : Ali Taha Alnobani


Yesterday she invited me to see the moon in her garden
The wind tried to prevent me
Although I was sad, I walked under the rain
The gate was full of small doors and small cats were looking at me
Their shining eyes told me the tale of my baby
One night she was looking at the moon,
But a big cat with shining eyes got her dreams broken.

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I'm to leave now

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By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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