The Beach: My Remedy

it's just before sunset when loneliness creeps in

the beach is my remedy

the ocean will let me be sad
but only enough to shed a few tears,
never enough to let me drown

the wind invites me in when no one else has thought to
the lazy waves take their time rolling up

the toddlers mix mud, as their parents hold a conversation

the older couple holds hands like they're still in love

their golden retriever barrels ahead of them but stops intentionally when he gets to me, like he knows

and he is right, I needed an interruption at that moment

the thin, single woman wades just off shore in no particular direction

the young, handsome man sits searching the horizon like he knows there's more to his life

the focused joggers
the sun-stained surfers
the shell collectors
the carefree teenagers

they all start to fill the void
until finally I forget
how alone I felt when my feet first hit the sand


© Candice Reineke 2014


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Ged the Poet

Sat 23rd Aug 2014 13:28

Hi Candice - Just playing 'catch up' and love this. I too am fortunate to live less than an hours walk to a beach and the sea. This work is a great reflection of inner-feeling. Many time I have gone there and had the sunset to myself and feel at one with the surroundings and a warm inner glow. I penned 'Beach Fight' on a crowded day at the seaside. Every day is different.
Thank you also for your comment on 'Where Donkeys'....' ;)

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Sun 10th Aug 2014 18:12

You are very lucky to live near the sea!

I enjoyed the melancholy mood you created and then dispersed within the poem. People watching is a fascinating way to fill time and the beach a very calming place to be - you get that across in your poem.

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Candice Reineke

Fri 8th Aug 2014 03:16

being single and living alone can get rough at times, but I'm grateful that I live just a short walk from the beach, where I can never feel sad for very long :)

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