The Roxy

we used to go to the pictures, file out

deaf and stunned by what we'd seen

it never faded, the novelty, no movie

lacked a technicolour king or queen


now life's a film the thrills have died

every day's a banal double feature

screen stars ten a penny its routine

the vision of a monstrous creature


its no fun when you've seen it before

appetites jaded expectations so high

we live off a raw diet of new horrors,

demand super-heroes from the sky


now punters direct their own movies,

wannabees garish must be extreme

dog eats dog in Hollywood you live

or die by the fate of your last scene


get the thumbs down you are toast

if they like you the dollars cascade

kill grandad or make a snuff movie

its tinsel-time, you've got it made


facades rule now, tattoos hide tears

casting couches littered with blood

if they switch off, back to the sticks

used starlets that never made good


John Wayne he rode real human reels

simpler days of plots so slick and pat

changing my seat in the stalls, hiding

from that odd bloke with a bowler hat


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jennifer Malden

Tue 17th Aug 2021 16:37

Agree 'the flicks' were much less violent time past, now the characters so often kill and maim , there are always guns and knives around somewhere, and monstrous creatures galore. No more plots so slick and pat, but horror after horror. Can't stand disaster movies either. Very well said.


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