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Fairytale - For V & K

An entrance to a fairytale waiting to happen,

Sweet scented flowers, second only to the story that's about to bloom,

Flickering candles mimicking twinking stars in the dark sky,

Like the love that survived through thick and thin, dark and light...


A slow stepped waltz, opening to a dance of a lifetime,

followed by a ballad about a love that grew from childhood

and an eternal...

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loversloveWeddingmodern fairytaledestinyEternity

Snow White Updated

Thoroughly Modern

Miss snow white

No poison apple

Would she bite


So wicked stepmother

Sent her a gift

Lid off

White box

She quickly lifts


Lo and behold

It's an apple....




This one has

An hypnotic tone


And as soon as

Step mom

Gave Snow white

A call

Into  a deep


She did fall

When awake 

She's still


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modern fairytale

The Vaper

He was her dragon

Didn't have talons

But their 'nomance'

Dragged on

He kept

Her waiting

In a 'complicationship'

Reputation of 

A reptile

Scaly, bit flaky

A hazardous lizard


In a puff 

Of sweet vaporised smoke

She was sucked

Back in

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modern fairytaleFlash fiction

3 Little Pigs

What ever happened to the 3 little pigs? Here's a little reworking for 2019

Piggy was lying

On therapist's couch

Kept re-living

When Bad Wolf

Had blown down

His house


These days

His nerves

Were all

So raw


Panic attacks


He saw

Some straw


His brother

Who built

A house

Out of sticks


Moved on

Sold his 


To ...

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modern fairytale

Grimm und Grimmer

could  there  ever  have  been

aught  but  harm

from  such  shrew  whipped

an  abusive  storm


where  it  lead  through

the  corpse  grass

crumbed  trail

of  bloodied  path


stumbled  upon  weather  torn

enduring  pile 

chimney  stacked

nefarious  smile


that  leering  promontory

single  tooth

like  fabled  hag

who  feas...

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modern fairytalehansel and gretelabusegrimm

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