Snow White Updated

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Thoroughly Modern

Miss snow white

No poison apple

Would she bite


So wicked stepmother

Sent her a gift

Lid off

White box

She quickly lifts


Lo and behold

It's an apple....




This one has

An hypnotic tone


And as soon as

Step mom

Gave Snow white

A call

Into  a deep


She did fall

When awake 

She's still

In trance


Take her

Phone away?

Not a chance


Mesmerized by 

A triple lens

Sending snapshots

To all 

Her friends

One horid fact

She failed to



Is that 

This phone

Has 3 evil eyes


Now with each


Her life gets worse

Seems for certain

Snow white 

Is cursed

Then out 

One day

The phone 

Does drop

Causing 7 

Small men

In their


To stop


Repairing phones

Is their trade

A useful


Quickly made


When phone

Was fixed

They broke 

The spell

And all 

In the



Snow white

Was well


modern fairytale

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Nigel Astell

Mon 4th Nov 2019 16:07

Fairy tale
from 2012
update now
even so
Wicked Stepmother
failed to
kill Snow
White off!

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Don Matthews

Mon 4th Nov 2019 05:47

I'm comfortably numb with my downdated stuff
I know what it is I can do
This updated tech just keeps tripping me up

It's just untied lace on your shoe

Is it? silly me....


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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 23:26

The real message I want to alert you to, is that if you have an old phone or iPad from 2012 you need to update it before midnight or it will cease to work properly, some people still use old tech for other purposes so it's worth making sure that you are Updated!

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