Face to Face

from a broken past its pining

a voice never far from whining

for her there's no silver lining


still has long lists of her goodbyes

kept a record of all their lies

hot tears bubble in her red eyes


a rip in an embroidered sheet

dust under other peoples' feet

why couldn't life be safe and neat?


if only she'd learned better tricks

how to absorb life's bitter kicks

stayed well clear of the same old pricks


old but not a sixpence wiser

life heaped with ashes that despise her

from age no potions can prise her


ebbing to grey survival mode

for her no warming breezes blowed

or map imagined this bleak road


night ekes nearer with fearful haste

on her tongue pinned a bitter taste

of good intentions laid to waste


she runs a hand through scanty hair

ashamed of being in need of care,

hears doctor's footsteps on the stair


face to faceagedoctormemoriestearsstair

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