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Picking you up to go driving
I’d get there early to watch you get ready
both seventeen and tangled
in that unspoken thing between us
Cruising the looping country lanes
in those dim headlight beams
That was our place, alone together at last
Two teenagers, eyeing each other sideways
and wondering who each of us would be
would you always stay right there
would you always be
in the car with me
Another mile, another mile
in those endless times…

Thrumming rain upon the roof
your fingers knitted in the glovebox light
always asking me so many questions
our laughter lingering and playful
in the freezing depths of northern winter
You’d push me to say who I liked at school
watching so carefully
I’d study the glowing dashboard for a full five minutes
turn the tape over, change the conversation
stealing so many glances
at your perfect saucer eyes
so smart and so alive
Another mile, another mile
in our early lives...

Somewhere along the journey
we’d stop the car, snuff out the lights
and in the backseat, without a word
we’d learn a new geography
You’d breathe your lessons into me
the beguiling wonder of our story
skirting the youthful boundaries 
of a near-love I’d forever treasure
And afterwards you’d finger our initials
on the foggy inside of the glass
I always loved that, but so sad
that those smears outlasted us
Another mile, another mile
in those simple, priceless, times

Twenty years of change sailed by
suddenly, from the silence, you called me
heard I’m in town, saying ‘we should talk again’
I say ‘how about a drive…?’
Eyeing me from the driver’s seat
you say I’d ‘become all the things I used to pretend to be’
you said it was ‘a good thing’
and now you teach at our old college
you’re not married but there’s a good man waiting
and the baby, she already looks like you
Who’d have thought those teenagers were headed here
running country laps, in those dim headlight beams
another mile, another mile
in those precious lives, we had to leave behind

Another mile, another mile
I’m so glad we got to share those times...



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Tue 29th Jun 2021 11:40

Jennifer, thanks for reading ? So pleased this story resonates with others too. Got to cherish those times and reflect on them from time to time.

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jennifer Malden

Wed 23rd Jun 2021 18:07

Brilliantly evoked. Sounds decidedly familiar too, those 'priceless times'.


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Wed 19th May 2021 13:22

Ah thank you John, Tom, Stephen, Stephen, JD, Aviva, Holden and YRPoetess for reading and the likes. Really appreciate it.

And to the Stephens, so pleased you enjoyed. Those times were such a heady mix of uncertainty and possibility it's hard not to look back at them from a place of wisdom and wonder what it was all about... Thanks for reading and commenting, I'm very grateful. Tom

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 18th May 2021 18:34

The burning anticipations only found in youth. Lovely stuff Tom ?

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 18th May 2021 17:21

A good story, Tom

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