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Children Of Paradise

This night with you and me

The pale moon

Besides the overtaking clouds

And the occasional drizzles

Here and there...


Our memories distant

And Closed

Even with the shadows of hope

And despair within our little fights

Like the children of Paradise


Time had played with us

Or we had spoiled it…

Yet tonight I can see you there

Alone with my memories


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There are dawned mornings some often find the same balcony just months in difference,

Leaned over the same stretch of oak-beam and widen pupils

To untangle their breath as it intertwines with lake-steam;

And watch dragon-tailed sunrises in different-hued scenes.


Back inside a fire-warmed cabin held up by support beams over a thin beach

Prior to high-tide,...

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Fragments Of Suffering

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships

under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes,

anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches

of makeover trials

With the letters denote

something like love or etc.


Smell of nights,

music of movements


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Down Memory Lane

within the range of your eyes

with the residue of love

like the mist descending

in your heart:

-is my walk!

and still I’m walking

with the lonely steps

of every single person on earth.

-from down memory lane......


is love haunted always by betrayal?

like dusk masking the sky?

or we make the error to fathom

each other's terror?

decide to cover up the past


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Waiting For The Last Ritual

The rain with its cosmic eyes

Keeps knocking at the windowpane

Trembling with each steps

With all her secrets in every drop, one by one.


The evening was waiting for the

Magical secret manuscripts

For her readers. It was dark like prison cells.

Waiting in a row for the final sentence.


The room was empty with the silence

Of the graveyard, exce...

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When We Dance Together

During the monsoon, all my raindrops drag me

Towards the fast lane of memories.

Taking with all the skies and the stretched blues.

Feeling not like the dead warriors

But the first saint under the young sun.

One day when we were dancing together

Hovering on the untold secrets of the battle fields

All the dead pawns of world history

From the past to the present

Mimicked us...

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love sonnet

Sonnet 18 Revisited

Inspired by an episode of ‘Paddington’

and with apologies to the Bard!


Shall I compare thee to a marmalade

Sandwich?  Thou art more wholesome and more sweet.

Even if the filling was farmhouse made

And the bread was baked using artisan wheat!

Marm’lade sandwiches have all too short a date.

They’re eaten before the kettle ha...

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love sonnet

After The Fifteenth Step…


Watching the full moon

Coming out of the monsoon cloud

-In the middle of the lonely night


After the downpour

The sky seems to be smiling

Like her eyes


Shining bright and vivid

In our midnight paradise

Her eyes; brimming over in ecstasy


These sleepless nights

Bring her memories back

Not in pain nor in consolation


I can still count her ste...

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I'm to leave now


By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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Sofia's Masterpiece Story

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
A lot of people I knew
Tried to cross long bridges
Sofia's masterpiece story
Ended among her princes
They wished her to describe the picture
But she forgot her eyes
Upon the bridges' fences
A rhyme made of life
Attacked her burned senses
I adored Sofia
But the trees imposed ...

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Upon The Quality Of Love

Romeo  Romeo - where for art thou Romeo?

Speak that I should hear your voice, rejoice

that deafened ear should hear you call my name…



The quality of love is not defined,

yet trippeth from the tongue with gentle ease,

to each and every one of us a meaning

as fickle as the feather on a breeze


Speak not to me, I pray, of star crossed lovers...

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love sonnet

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