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i know!

i know that it's gonna be alright

i know, that at one point i won't have to fight

i know, that there is gonna be day, when i won't think of you

i know, i wont cry a tear, even a few

i know, that i will laugh harder than ever

and only feel better and better

and for the most, i know, that i am going to love

even more than i loved you

only at this time

i will be loved back ...

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letters III (07/19/2017)

i am so full of love it's criminal
a faucet with a broken spout

I am everywhere; I'm a mess
I'm the locker room nosebleed that just won't stop
won't stay
won't coagulate
any jostle, any change
And it's just hours and hours
until you're dizzy and think about calling an ambulance.

I am the unhealed ribs of a boxer training his way out of foreclosure, one cough away from falling apart


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love hurts

Love and Lies

Another one from the past, circa 2000.  Definatly a bit teenage angst-y, and funnily i can't remeber who this was written about now.  They must have been important at the time though!

The feeling in my chest,

Is one I’ve felt before.

All so easy to notice,

Not so easy to ignore.

It tightens up your breathing,

Chills the veins into your heart,

Was that my soul just leaving?


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