Love and Lies

Another one from the past, circa 2000.  Definatly a bit teenage angst-y, and funnily i can't remeber who this was written about now.  They must have been important at the time though!

The feeling in my chest,

Is one I’ve felt before.

All so easy to notice,

Not so easy to ignore.

It tightens up your breathing,

Chills the veins into your heart,

Was that my soul just leaving?

Did my pulse just stop and start?

We all must have this feeling,

At least one time in our lives.

Because love and life are intertwined,

Without one, the other can’t survive.

But there is a little problem,

Which aggravates this sense,

Into pain, envy, loathing,

Makes your body go all tense.

So here I have to warn you,

Cupids arm occasionally strays,

Turns emotions into dark black thoughts,

Makes your temper quick to fray.

But, stick with it, this feeling,

Is very often sound,

And can make your heart grow huge with joy,

For the love that you have found

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