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with the last lines borrowed from Kaveh Akbar


Tension begins here:

My bleed/my break

the line one curves over slopes

the crevice cascading two-pulicitous over an edge

the stream of over-consciousness squelched in bliss

Return with me now, 

wind humming honey

a touch filled with ache

when silence lingers in our throats 

You sit with me now

distance a year ...

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Ode to my distraction

after Ode to my Envy by Chen Chen


I'm distracted by those around, meshing their hands with the keys I can't bear to touch.

I'm distracted by the words which won't come to me but scream that poetry is everlasting.

i'm distracted by the fugue state


my eyes have decided to be buried in & remain seated for the show.

I'm distracted by the way I refuse to be elastic, forever hav...

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The Walls We Built

I could not reach you

But how I sought to

How desperately I longed

To belong to you

But the walls between us

The ones you built

Stood far too strong

And far too tall

For me to reach


Oh, but how I tried

How relentlessly I cast my bleeding hands 

Against the jagged rocks and stones 

That kept me from you



But how I tried


And I wait...

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The Aussie Pomm (warning, Adult humour)


Now, as you all know ladies. When a new mans in your life.
You groom your airs and graces to portray the perfect wife.
We are all so very concious of the things you musnt show.
Be discreet and feminine,  that's all he needs to know.
Now I know that all you ladies have to have all things just right. 
Especially on your wedding day and more so WEDDING NIGHT.
Well, it just s...

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Spray and Chase: A Detective Narrative, Apologies to Richard Brautigan

See C Card, the seasoned hack,

Chasing insects around with a little sack.

What drove the down-at-heel gumshoe

to such an endeavour, you may ask,

Well, what other reason is there than

because it is C Card, of course.


It would all unfold like a badly ironed shirt.

On a dusty, dusky night late in September, 1953,

C Card had been reduced

to guarding empty cups in dinner...

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     he met a force


            it held him



... and wonder drained the world of substance

            re-arranged the pages of his book to give more radiant a reading.


The light of new possibilities

pressed down on time.

The girl sang to him "You can hear the boats go by". He


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My work, "The P.O.T" (Sample)

I have a collection of poems, titled "The P.O.T".  Below are excerpts of the work.


The P.O.T (Poured Out Thoughts) is analogous to water being poured out from a pot to the ground. Here, water is a representation of thoughts and the ground represents the peoples’ minds.

It is a collection of poems that draws its thoughts from the interests of inspiration, motivation, spirituality...

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