The Walls We Built

I could not reach you

But how I sought to

How desperately I longed

To belong to you

But the walls between us

The ones you built

Stood far too strong

And far too tall

For me to reach


Oh, but how I tried

How relentlessly I cast my bleeding hands 

Against the jagged rocks and stones 

That kept me from you



But how I tried


And I waited

I watched the sun rise

And fall a thousand times

Between eternal nights that drove your heart

Further still, from mine

And, if the sun should rise and

fall a thousand times more

I would have waited still

For I could see no other purpose in a day

Than to find a way to break the walls

That kept us each away


And I built a foundation

Of false hope, where I stood

Holding tightly to

The dream that you

From the bower you had built

Had all the while

Been searching

And waiting

For me too


But on the day that our eyes met

The air was thick;

Heavy with the sounds of war

It was the longing in my desperate eyes

That sparked the fire in yours

Flames that glowed with vengeance

And swallowed up your sight

That you could have mistaken me

For a trespasser in the night


Yet, I am the fool

I held my arms out and cried to you

Starved for love,

My hungry heart

Was left unable to conceive

That all the time I loved you most

It was I who’d been deceived


From atop your flaming fortress

You arched your golden bow

With poison words that pierced my heart

You let the arrow go

I fell onto my knees

with a sharpness in my chest

Struggling to breathe

Beneath the aching in my breast

I watched the blood leak from my heart

And pour out onto the ground

The place where I had waited

All those years

It’s here, I found:


The taste of betrayal-

It was bitter on my tongue

I gave all of me for a piece of you

Yet now, I’m left with none


With a bleeding wound

I rose again

And stood tall upon my feet

The poison rushing through my veins

Would not tolerate defeat

The sweet red blood that filled my heart

Now coursed an icy black

And filled me with a coldness

That sent shivers down my back


I turned my gaze to you

With big, wide eyes

That swelled with tears

And blinked in hopes to take it back

And make it disappear-

But it’s still here

But it is still here


While you revel in your massacre

A darkness in me stirs

The sadness in me summons rain

My anger splits the earth

And with everything left in me

I opened up my mouth

The words erupting from my core

Like fire from hell, poured out:


All I did was love you

All I wanted was to save you

I was strong enough to save us both

I could have saved us both


That was the day

When the poison turned my heart to stone

The day I vowed to shut light out

And live in dark, alone

On that day

I used my stone-cold hands

To build walls of

my own


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