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Dusky Sunshine kissing mountain's meadow,

Like a Mother adoring her baby's enchanted glow...


Chirping birds flying as a tidal wave,

Pondering to whom shall we care...


Serene shadows of ever grateful trees,

Imposing us to find our Inner Peace


Being loved is a blessed boon,

A Hope of finding love is the race- half won...



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Journeylifelighthopecherishmomentsunshinepeacepeace of mindreal lifejourney of lifelife's journey

Traveling Mercies

The road ahead divides
into a many-headed hydra
with each long neck coiled
as if to strike imminent doom.
At the forks,
a knight atop his steed
weighs his journey.

Each path demands a decision
to navigate their circuitous route.
If any are to reach
their holy grail, they must
throw caution aside. To obtain
their desire,
their dream,
or their nightmare–
one must risk everything.


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life's journey

Travelers All Are We (villanelle)

Is God with you, dear soul? Are you with Him?

In mazes, mists and twists of this life's track,

Who shows the way and guides your steps there in?


Go you solo, on your own, will and whim?

Hid you in the herd? Run you with the pack?

Is God with you, dear soul? Are you with Him?


Without a guide thick shadowed woods are grim.

To find the path needs knowing that you...

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villanellepilgrimagelife's journeyGod


Love never captures the stars 
for we burn in the hollow 
of the black hole 
tearing at our souls. 

Yearning to be free, 
on our knees, we plead, 
blind at times in defeat,
deaf to the trees, 
the hearts true needs 

but on we climb toward the light, 
the rainbow an illusion of mind 
knowing the journey is the gold, 
that truth comes in numbers
and in reverse the future unfolds.


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defeatillusionlife's journeyloveyearning


Traveller: walk roads.

Wash eye's innocence in life's flow.

Erode face-gullies in time's flood.

Let years sculpt wisdom into an open soul.

Face journey's lessons willing.

Respond. Adapt. Change.

Face alternate current.

Learn.  Change again.

Be you. Inner you. Consistent.

Washed clean.


Time's sculpture, life's subject.

Your self.


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journeylife's journeylife pathselfinner lightinner soul

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