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Ice Cream Van

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That jangling tune 
told of sweet times ahead
Children playing with hosepipes 
on hot summer streets
and gleaming bikes ridden
across freshly swept pavements
How the ice cream van 
sparked joy and hope
O, the heady idyl 
of childhood…

Now the ice cream van 
toils a different purpose
macabre and tuneless
its contents chilling
The limbs of children
parts of mothers
Lifeless figures, gathered in bags
waiting to be sorted
O, the horror and brutality
of this senseless proclivity for murder…


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Tue 16th Jul 2024 13:05

Thanks Tim, Martin and Leon for the comments. It's a tiny detail in an unbelievably bleak situation. This amount of death and destruction has no place in the world. Thanks for reading all.

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Martin Elder

Thu 11th Jul 2024 15:55

Sometimes we needed to be slapped around the face with a dose of reality. Thanks Tom

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Tim Higbee

Thu 11th Jul 2024 14:13

So vividly haunting and effective for stirring emotion.

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Leon G. Stolgard

Thu 11th Jul 2024 13:08

To think that the only mode of transport for this purpose is an ice cream van-how sadly ironic.

Thanks Tom

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Thu 11th Jul 2024 09:52

Thanks Stephen. Not a subject I enjoyed writing about but the horror of what we're seeing can't help but get under your skin. As it should.

Thanks Holden & Nila for the likes.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 11th Jul 2024 08:28

A tough one to read, Tom, but so important. A shocking inditement of, well, all of us, I suppose.

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