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The Torture that is Dystonia

Trapped here, in this agony
every moment, is killing me
my spine contorts inside
hurling daggers into my side.
No escape from this cruel hell
my mind locked, within this shell
No longer can I hide
All of my body screams inside.

Excruciating pain flows through me
making it hard, for me to breathe.
The spasms contort my upper limbs
as my brains venemous tune, continues to sing

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The horrible truth about benefits

The benefit system is a joke
It pays the disabled less
Than those who doss,  drink and smoke
Pre-paid prescriptions for those who don't need it
And those who need them, struggle to pay, ending up sick
Medical necessities are not very cheap
Even painkiller prices are getting quite steep
And for those who's health is farthest from good
Its hard to get by when you can't walk far, before falli...

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