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i believed every word thats when the tables turned

i fell for the pretence of feeling me at first

part of me always knew this was heading for the worse

cause i know im not the only girl youre lying

to the only girl you crying to

i was stupid to feel special

but fresh out of heartbreak how was i to know who you genuine too

you got such good timing shouldve noticed the mind game...

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Fuck me eyes.

A look clear into a pretty girls eyes

clear hard water forced down your optic nerve

the abyss of beauty deep and cold looks back.

Like that mirror stare when an odd flicker calls you back for more.

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I laid it out

Just like a map

Giving directions

Very detailed information

But, still I came as a surprise

I told you my life in one breath

Finances, school, employment, debt, past relationships, and experiences

You traveled over time

To different parts of my body

Eventually in and out

Learning my likes and dislikes

But, you became distant

As though I was a surpr...

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Love is strong

The fight in my heart

Stuck between two

I will need surgery and security

After, I tell her a story of love and why I can’t be with her

Only one can be with me

Triplets we aren’t

My love is equal

Internal and external

As it’s not a game

I waited too long

To say who is the survivor

Heart made of steel

Mounted closed

Some kind of way

Your st...

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Void of mystery

Honest in its splendor

Hypnotic by nature

Captivating at its core


Every line that your surface acquires

Becomes a gem worthy of preservation

Created to be desired

Every flaw portrays perfection


Soft and inviting

Complex yet simplistic

Molded to be adored

Clothed to be devoured


Every line that your surface acquires

Becomes a gem ...

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