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I quite like raisins, except for the one that got stuck up my nose!

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The prompt from our writing group was to write an ode to your favourite fruit, this is my attempt, and it's a true story too...


I quite like raisins

Except for the one that got stuck up my nose

The more I sniffed and snorted

The further up it rose


My mum couldn't ease it out

She just forced it up even higher

She took me to the neighbours

And tried to use some pliers


Carole was an avon lady

She'd know what to do

But even Carole couldn't get it out

So off to the hospital we flew


The doctors poked and prodded

They couldn't get it down

It seemed to be stuck for good

And all I could do was frown


And then all of a sudden

Out it came with a pop

Landing on the tissue

With a gruesome snotty plop!


My little fruity nightmare

Was finally over, at last

The one lesson I learned that day was

Don't sniff your fruit too fast!


Oh, raisins, raisins How I love thee

In warm fruity toast

With my cup of tea

I love you on my cereal

Or even on your own

There's nothing quite like you

My love is now well known 


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Wed 10th Jun 2015 10:48

Haha....what an escapade!! Well told though!

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Tue 24th Feb 2015 14:01

This made me laugh :))

I can outdo you on grossness with raisins though... I once nearly ate my daughters belly button... not many people can say that, can they? She was a newborn baby and it had dried up and dropped off and looked exactly like a raisin. When I told her the story years later, it knocked her off eating them for years!


Sat 14th Feb 2015 10:33

Oh wow! So glad it came out eventually:D This made me smile...and I must admit, I can relate - while eating macadamias at work last year, I laughed and snorted one up the back of my throat and into my nasal cavity...made for interesting lunchroom conversations, i now feel much less alone! thanks for sharing :D

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