Open Your Eyes

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I had been feeling sad and lonely. I decided to go back into the past and visit my childhood home. When I arrived, my sister, mother, and brother were sitting at the kitchen table having a meal. I walked in and said, “Hello.” They welcomed me warmly and asked, “How have you been?”

In a short while my Father joined us and demanded to know, “Why are you here?” I was taken aback and said, “I’m lonely.”

My Father said, “Open your eyes!” Go outside and look around. Then come back and tell me what you see.”

I went outside. The once luscious green grass, crystal blue skies and clean air were gone. The few cattle my parents had were sick and dying, a wolf nearby waited patiently for them to stray away.

The gray sky was now thick with pollution. There was no grass, only weeds and the air was difficult to breath.

My comfortable home was now a barren barn. It was barely standing. A brisk wind could knock it down.

I asked, “Daddy what’s happened?” he said, “It’s the keepers. They make us see what we wish to see. But it’s all a lie. They keep us like cattle, to breed for labor and food.”

My Dad’s parting words were, “Open your eyes!”




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