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The Illusionist

It seems that the old-time "magic show" is experiencing something of a renaissance, especially in the visual mass media. Even so, I doubt its fundamental attraction will alter one iota. The gap between acclaim and scorn is still wafer-thin.


The Illusionist


Pay attention, dear reader, and I'll weave a magic vein,

where rabbits live in top hats and assistants float in air,

where ladies change to tigers and handcuffs don't restrain,

and there has to be a reason for the madness of my stare;

but I'll never disappoint because

I'm never, ever … there.


Yes, I'm your friendly sorcerer, and I deal in deeds perceived;

no reasoning can hold me, no alchemy ionize.

Please tell me when you see me, believe in make-believe,

and don't be fear'd of visions, for they'll tell you only lies;

since all I'll do is disappear

before your eyes.


I'm a fraudster and a faker, yes, you knew it all along:

how I love to see confusion, doubt, and disbelief

when I fly, and when I'm – gone!

The art is in the timing, the flash of reality's thief,

as I deceive and then convince you

that the devil's on the hoof.


But like you I'm just a fragile thing,

for me the living's hard:

I'll take a coin from behind your ear (you'll never see it coming)

but I know just where you're looking, and why you missed that card ...

Yes, the magic's in the sleight of hand,

The rhythm of its drumming, drumming ….



Chris Hubbard




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