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Back in the Day

It's the final day of the routine seven,
The jig is nearly up,
Its back to work come morning time,
Till then we'll take a sup,

Sure Nealon's is the place to go,
Its usually quiet at this time,
Leave your gaf and start to walk,
And then call in to mine

The laughing and the chatting,
As the stout begins to flow,
Suddenly its last orders,
And then we'll have to go

I can't help but f...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #46 {What Friendship Is}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #46} {What Friendship Is} 




A friendship is 

not a game to play

And it is not a few words to say to each other

And if it doesn't start until summer, spring,winter and fall and it always last throughout all of the seasonas all year long 

And if it starts today, tommorow and yesterday and everyday after that and may I fall for a special...

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So here's a shot for freedom, although why should i pretend. With a broken heart inside me, and the drugs im getting in.., theres a bottom to this bottle, and along with all my friends. we can make it in this world, just as being bubs till the end.

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Ruins loom, undressed 
in the space between here and then
what life still clings to them 
hangs loose and bellowing

Ruins stand their ground
battered by crosswinds
shifted perspectives, altered light
shadows lengthen and diminish

I tried to be good
did what I could, spinning plates 
painted with faces
of all the friends that came to me

Now there are absences
and there are ruins

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