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You ask if I believe in God...
How can I not?

To deny my Father
means I leave my existence
to some 30 year old predator
who impregnated a girl half his age
and left her to raise their child
in the wilderness, among wolves 
that feed on loneliness and despair.

Without my Father, I would never know
that after suffering comes deliverance,
pain leads to compassion,
forgiveness breaks b...

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Red Pearl

Red Pearl


You are such a beautiful woman and I spent my life trying to find you

as I look at the waters of the beach, so beautiful and so sparkling blue

but in the water, I see something shining and I see it staring at me

I must go get it, before it is too late

the wind is perfect and it is such a perfect day


I see it and I swam for it and I saw millions of diamonds


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Alive are the branches soaring the sky

Flowers are purple smelling to pride

Green and soft leaves allowing the tree

To breathe the excitement of being just



Summer arrives and so does the drought

Oh the poor bloomer with tears it fought

The ages of water, the ages of rain

"No shortage of water may cause enough pain"

The Forrest did say


Branches brown, wi...

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Always remember the beach

How about the beach? Sandy feet, fresh breeze.                                                            Seize the sunlight, beam just as bright 

How about flying a kite? Light, the campfire, just right.                                             Tent settled, just behind that tree you see? 

How perfect could this be? Gazing beside one another; amongst grass and stars  We huggled as if it ...

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affectioncouplefear of rejectionfuturehopeinfactuationlasting loveLovepast

In The Shadow of Your Smile

I live in the shadow of your smile

And I like the way it lights your eyes;

I like your style


My senses stir with the fragrance of your soul

And I like the way it lingers

So I’ll linger too, for a while


My heartbeat races when we touch

And I like your warmth; the way you feel

I like your smile


You way you talk is like a song

That plays easy on my ears


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