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Love Bank

round every corner's a food bank

but what about people like me?

my table creaks with provisions,

I'm never short of salmon for tea


its a love bank my heart needs

somewhere to nourish my soul,

fill my breast with fondant fancies

its been far too long on the dole


I dream of hot charitable staff

eager women dressed to kill,

piling my basket with promise

red ...

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butchery cuts it for Ruby,

well known for her brisket,

who gave men a wide berth

for she didn't like to risk it


offal unresponsive, so she

fondled the odd carcase,

pined for sheep's eyes to

tenderize her pining ass


Ted sold her pork products,

poor Ruby was easy meat,

his pies and sweetbreads

just swept her off her feet


his pig's trotters stumbling


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Hunting (Game and Witch)

The need to post about this subject has been growing steadily since the story broke. I am of course referring to the American dentist and his murder of Cecil the lion. This event like a number before it (see Kony and his children army) has enraged the majority of people leading to a whole lot of tweets and Facebook rubbish. While this outcry is commendable it is sadly misplaced, self-righteous and...

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