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A Bohemian Journey

So many nights I have rested beneath the unnerved sky,
plucking the strings of a lyre.
Sacrificed made decisions to be free-spirited.
I'm living the life of a Bohemian
a man,
comforted by desires and serenity
just like a canvas invites paint to a dance.

Red wine spices my tongue
feeling the essence as I swallow.
Wiping the discoloured effect from my lips.

Strewn grass caresses my fee...

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Not so Bohemian now

In the 1980s there was anger in the air

Thatcher’s children breathing fire with bile-fuelled despair

And thick, treacly green gel bound my spiky hair

The Mary Chain’s screeches echoed in my ears

Morrissey’s tortured words fuelled my every angst and fear

A bedroom rebel hiding from the day-glo Tory cheers

Oh how I felt so Bohemian then


Wham’s false jollity was d...

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Another Luimneach [ˈl̪imʲɨnʲəx] Ephen Stephen

I've not got a brother named Stephen,

He's under the snow crisp and ephen;

Like Wenceslas, he's dead;

I chopped off his daft head,

Cos he was too bloody bohemian!

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