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Mutual Admiration

Your dandruffed head which once was fair

Your sweaty armpits clogged with hair

Those sagging tits that touch your knees

That fluff-filled navel full of fleas

God ! you're sexy when you're bare.


And you my love are perfect man

Your dentures even have a tan

And though your willy's lost its zing

Eventually it still goes in

You're HOT........come take me while you can.


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The Far Off Stare

Watching every twitch, each squirm

Observing my skin as goosebumps form

Longing for your touch

Songs of passion in my throat

Claim me again, hum into my ear

Good girl

Revel in the bridge raised within my breast with each gasp of air

Breathe life into me with every mention of my name

Gazing upon my weakened state



Claim me again, pack my head with fuz...

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being watchedfetishlong distancelovemasturbationorgasmsexsexywebcam

How I Want You

How I want you

The way I like you

Ready and willing

Dressed in lingerie

With a kinky appeal



How I want you

The way you like to

Pleasing us integrity

Showing your ability

That kinky appeal



How I want you

Lingerie and body to flow

Lips to travel down low

Tasting sex appeal

Wanting ...

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