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There she was sitting in her chair

The passage of time seen in her gray hair

She sits not in a chair on a throne of honor


Tea cookies and lemonade the silent child ate

Cookies salty-sweet this is how she will grow to be

Lemonade just enough tart you can see it from her heart


Words of wisdom in a melodious feminine tone

Encouraging us to rise up and tell me ...

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CookiesdreamsEncouraginginspirationLemonadeMaya AngelouPoetry 2020


Life is the reason for living

Even when society has a knife at your throat

Life is the reason for giving

Even when communities are divided by a moat

Life is the reason for loving

Even when you're not worthy to vote


Life is more than flesh and bones

Even when many are left out in the cold

Life is more than a valuable stone 

Even when many have to leave their home


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lifePoetry 2020


Brothers of sand

Holding signs, I am a man 

Daughters of dust

Holding signs life in her gut


Fathers of the past

Never thought how long this would last

Mothers of the movement

Never thought so many forget their commitments.


Brothers of man

Fictional to control and command

Daughters of woman

Subjected to the desire of lust


Fathers of the future


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BotherscommunityDaughtersfamilyFathersMothersPoetry 2020


Hunger hides in the schools

Hunger hides in the uneducated

Hunger hides in a child's mind


Why should this be a political fight

We are not asking for a feast, just a little something to eat.


Sadness hides in the home

Sadness hides in the room

Sadness hides in the man on the streets


Don't want to run in your circle anymore.

Want to take that straight line le...

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fearfeelingshidehopehungerIgnorancelovepainpeacePoetry 2020sadness


Hate and fear looking for attention
Believing everything told to you without any proof
Their power comes from your lack of education

White tears are colored with ignorance

Hate does not make you a hero
Just make you lose your job
Now your a zero

White tears are colored with fear

Other people that don't look like you
Not living the way you think they should
Call someone to correct...

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TearsPoetry 2020politicssocialjusticeBLM


Random thoughts from the heart

So much more than inspirational

Creative lines of words are where it starts


Poetic thoughts profound in rhythm and rhyme

Fractured word caught between inspiration and validation


Haiku is the poetic phlegm I spit at you

Wet and dry all at the same time 

No reasoning to the word that you choose


Poetic words with feeling and deep m...

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Poetry 2020


So afraid think I've lost my way
Every day in secret I would pray
Is anyone listening? what would they say

Some times I dream some times I lie
What I can truly be, I hide
From this boy inside

My darkest day my brightest nights
Looking at these words, I write
Will, they ever have their own life

Caught in a dream captured in a lie
Finding my way through life is the real fight
For th...

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Poetry 2020Elton John


Music is a tribute to sound
From the wien of an electric guitar
Piercing through to your inner ear
To the soft sound of a violin
Played with emotion
It can Pearce your heart.

The voice is a tribute to music
The soprano, the base
The tenor, the alto
And falsetto
With the right word
The story of music can be told.

Music can touch the soul
With someone special
Or all alone

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