Curry Crisps

Curry Crisps

In 1981 and 82 at Littlemoor School I was in Junior 4

With the rest of the little wankers who were my classmates

I used to buy curry flavoured crisps for 10p at break time

I got them every day and even now miss them  

They were the best crisps I ever tasted so yummy!

In a curry coloured packet oh what’s to come!

They were the highlight of my time in that school

Where I went from the bottom of the class to the top

England defeated Argentina in the Falkland’s War

I destroyed a school bully in the bogs by hammer punches

We called our teacher Miss Oliver Sergeant Sexy

The thing I remember most is curry flavoured crisps

I wish I could go back and get ten boxes of curry crisps!

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