A chink in the armour

I think I found the chink in the armour,

I think I found your disguise,

I think I found what lies beneath,

The true character behind those eyes.


A slip of the tongue whets truth’s cruel form,

And shows me what had yet been unseen,

The wrong choice of word, adjective, verb,

Makes dirty what once had shone clean.


And with that mistake, a whole character shifts,

The directory of action dissolved,

All memories seem jilted - not quite as sweet -,

My perception assuredly evolved


The optician switches the lens,

And the rosy tint morphs to green 

Makes me see shadows in the corner of rooms

Where before they remained unseen


And though I see clearer,

I still yearn for the pink,

To go back to the warm and the soft,

Our harmonies safely back in sync.

loveloverslossrelationship breakuppainmemory

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Jake Burke

Tue 23rd Aug 2022 00:40

Thank you Stephen! Means a lot. Everything is still a work in progress so will likely re post this in a few weeks when I’ve had another idea aha

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 22nd Aug 2022 10:16

Good start, Jake! Well written

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