Love Has Burned

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Love has blurned. My heart is no longer paining.
Sitting opposite, I am laughing and joking.
- How are you? – he asked.
- I am fine, thank you.

 And how about you?

- I am happy too.
Come on! Let’s drink for our meeting!
- Ok, but just a bit.
- And… Are you married?

- Well, yes. Why not?
- Well, of course. Do you remember? ...
- I do…
- And I remember too.
- Then, it’s okay.
- You’ve become heartless.
- Three years passed.
- Not so much.
- But it’s the time…
- Today is hot.
- Oh, yes! The weather…
-Yes, it’s too hot.
- And he…, I mean…
- You mean my husband? He is good

And I am always understood.
- And… what is he?
- Well, as a husband he is better, as a lover – worse.
But he is reliable, I am desirable ...

And ... He is a terse.
- The one you just needed?

- Yes. And so what?

- You even love him more then me?
- And do you know such word as love?

And if you know then why…
-Oh, yes, of course, I’m so sorry.
- Please, don’t!
Love has burned. The ash remained.
But you must know I’m glad we’ve met.
And now I see that love has blown

And wind the ashes blows away.
Nothing has touched, nothing has pained,

I am so calm as nothing remained.
Yet, this meeting has saddened,

Our love has been maddened, but still…


Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 6th of January, 2014




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Lynn Dye

Tue 11th Mar 2014 16:42

Hi Larisa, I've only just come across this poem, I think it's really good and I like it very much. I hope you are keeping well, Love, Lynn xx

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