The Meeting

Hello readers

 It's that time again and a new Poem is upon us, gone for something very different this time which I'm really happy with. Not usually one for writing Fantasy Romance but this just came to me. Hope you enjoy it.


The Meeting

The moon hung softly in the sky
incandescant behind thinly veiled cloud
he waited beneath the bandstand
the sound of waves brushing the shoreline
it was approaching midnight

In the distance footsteps grew louder
feminine steps with metallic clang
her shape slowly visable
curves enveloped by flowing gown
mass of curls blowing in the breeze

He straightened himself
eager to make a good impression
not a first meeting but early in knowing
jacket pulled down, cane leaned upon
he turns to face

struck by her beauty in the glow
words are lost for a second
sparkling eyes produce a smile from his lips
she responds softly
her rouged cheeks burning with shyness

They embrace
The warmth of their bodies
cutting through the cold sea air
eyes meet before lips then tongues
their hold tightening before release

words found, they laugh
taking one hand into another they disappear
absorbing the silence of the night
walking toward city lights
a future to behold.



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