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Leisurely Life Lessons

I could get used to this leisurely life. 

Wake up without an alarm. 

Stretch, yawn, linger on.

Get my long list of to do things done. 

Read, write, learn without interruptions. 

Walking a snail’s pace on the treadmill while catching up on world news...

Unprecedented attempts to slow the spread of a new kind of flu leaves me wondering what more we can do?

Quiet calm surrounds m...

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for simple pleasures of conquest

we played marbles, for marbles

with marbles  again and again

and bagged them

safe and drawstring tight

a natural balance of loss and gain.

Like glass eyes they spun in our palm sockets

leapt and sparkled

in gutters or playgrounds

from three finger cradles

whirling swirling in small tracks

clickety clacks

macho skirmishes

the m...

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GOLF: THE REAL STORY part the second

Full set of golf clubs for sale I saw

with trolley thrown in

on a garage door.


Apply within it said( well really )

can't give 'em away  though sometimes nearly!

They crop up in the charity shops

as regular as when clockwork stops


Nobody wants yesterday's flash

on wheels

you need the new version

not a used and sullied perversion

like golf shoes with rather...

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Golf - the mystery of holes in the ground

smoothed to within an inch of its life

soft dreams

tiny ball hard hit

      that's about it


oh! I nearly forgot

the nineteenth hole

      scene of many a deal

done with sweaty hands

and in oak - lined rooms

where men can be men

 old sorties are relived


oh! and I nearly forgot

the fees,  a fine

for not sta...

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My Lottery Win

I spotted a slip of paper

Blowing around the floor
Nobody else had noticed it
So I had to go and explore

I chased it around the pavement
Through the bus station door it blew
I managed to catch it and pick it up
It was last weekend's lottery ticket, who knew?

It was for the big, multi rollover
Thirty million they said
And they were still seeking the winner
All sorts were going thro...

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Dark blue ocean has so many moods, just like a person.

If you ever make one mistake you will pay for it dearly with

life; this ocean is a thing of beauty and of mystery, yet deadly.

So many planes and ships have disappeared into the dark waters –

who knows where they are now?

People sail the seas on such flimsy craft, old sea rafts and dangero...

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