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My Lottery Win

I spotted a slip of paper

Blowing around the floor
Nobody else had noticed it
So I had to go and explore

I chased it around the pavement
Through the bus station door it blew
I managed to catch it and pick it up
It was last weekend's lottery ticket, who knew?

It was for the big, multi rollover
Thirty million they said
And they were still seeking the winner
All sorts were going through my head

I could afford to go on holiday
Or even buy an island I planned
I could buy a car, house and speedboat
It’d just cost a few hundred grand

My life would change forever
No more boring work
I'd be a man of leisure
My face began to smirk

Handing the ticket over
I asked the shopkeeper to check
Whether I'm rich or still poor
Were the numbers correct?

Out of all six numbers
I managed to not match one
No wonder the ticket was on the floor
My fantasy dreaming was done

You can't miss what you've never had
Nothing in my life had changed
Back to the grindstone tomorrow morning
Anyway, being that rich would be strange


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Tommy Carroll

Sat 20th Jun 2015 14:27

I was that man
;-) Tommy

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